Threshold Installation at Sound Place Exhibition

THRESHOLD installation for Sound | Place Exhibition at St. James Hatcham Church, May 05 – 13th 2015.


Authoritarian aggression protecting capital investment. No trespassing, no loitering, no stopping. Civil urban-engineering is becoming an oxymoron; counterproductive, increasingly uncivilised, and combative against the public. How far will it go?

All ready to fire.

All ready to fire.

 Using a Microsoft Kinect, Max/MSP, a projector and a very loud PA system THRESHOLD uses proximity detection to generate an increasingly loud sonic deterrent (relative to body distance), as well as manipulating the size of the projected text to dissuade the participants trying to read the UK noise and sound regulations.


The closer you get the smaller the text gets, always just about unreadable. Meanwhile the sonic environment becomes increasingly intolerable.